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Pre-Oder Whitney Duo Voice 66 Two-Channel 50 Watt Hand Crafted Point To Point EL-34 Tube Amplifier


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Pre-Order Brand new Whitney Duo Voice 66 Tube Guitar amp.  Feel free to contact Mike Whitney at the store if you have any questions. Matching loaded speaker 2x12 cabinet also currently available. Specs below.

The Duo Voice 66 is a two channel  50 watt tube amp.

The amp is foot-switchable between the Vintage voice and the Modern Voice.

It is a Master Volume amp capable of Bassman cleans, Plexi growl, and JCM grunt minus the mosquito

tone and farty bass.

The amp employs solid state rectification and the audio circuit is all tube, turret board hand-wired

construction.  The tube compliment is re-issue Mullard EL34 finals and TAD 12AX7.  The cabinet is pine

with black and silver levant with black and silver grill cloth upper valance panel.  The control knobs are

Marshall silver caps. The iron is from Magnetic Components and the chassis is aluminum. 

The controls are Vintage Volume which is employed in both channels, Modern Volume which is used for

the Modern Channel Gain in conjunction with the Vintage Volume Control, Master Volume which

controls the loudness of the amp, the classic cathode follower tone stack Treble, Middle, Bass and the

classic plexi Presence control.

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