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SOLD Pre-Owned Victoria 5112 Tweed 1x12 Combo Vintage Tubes Jensen Mint Condition!


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SOLD Here is a very gently used Victoria 5112T. This is a wonderful recreation of Leo Fender's vintage 5F1 circuit and is a great sounding Champ circuit. Featuring a one volume knob and a single 12'' speaker this amp has a classic tone that is straight to the point. This is a very harmonically rich amp and does not need a tone stack nor a reverb circuit. This amp looks to be untouched and in mint condition. Victoria amps are made using classic turret board construction and they do a remarkable job finishing their cabs in tweed. This single ended amp featuring a vintage JAN 5y3 rectifier, a GE 6v6, a new Mesa 12ax7, and a Jensen 12''  speaker. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Spindrift Guitars is home to world class amp builder Michael Whitney of Whitney Amplification.