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NEW! T.C. Electronic Sub'N'Up Polyphonic Octave Pedal


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This is the Sub'N'Up polyphonic octave pedal from T.C. Electronic. This is a wonderful octave pedal that allows you to blend in an octave up, octave down or two octaves down to you original guitar mix. The variety of options allow you to create P.O.G. like organ effects as well as using it as a straight ahead octave pedal. T.C. Electronic is world known for making bullet proof pedals with their groundbreaking tone print technology. The dipswitch allows you to toggle between classic, polyphonic and toneprint (pre-sets made on your computer or iphone). While similar to a P.O.G. there is really no pedal around similar to this, you truly have to try it out in person to appreciate how much fun this thing is.