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NEW! Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier 1x12


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This is Mesa's newest offer in the wake of their successful Mark V 25. This offers a lot of the same features of that amplifier but offers a little more power and a combo version for the all in one package. 

They added a channel independent solo geature, a long spring tank for all tube reverb, a complete set of voicing  options from the built in cab clone with the addition of the vintage setting on the on-board DI Output and an upgraded footswitch with new choices. It all adds up to one of the most versatile MARK amplifiers yet. Multi-Watt channel assignable power allows for a lot more headroom than one would expect from a 35 watt amp. The power ranges and wiring styles are: 35 Watt (Dyna-Watt Power), 25 Watt (Dyna-Watt power) and 10 watt (Class AB triode). Between this and 2 channel options this amp really is a variety of Mesa's history all in one amplifier. 

This amp has headphone output, Boogie's Classic EQ, and solo controls that allow each channel to have its own level for solo footswitchable boost feature. 

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