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Cole Clark AN2EC Cedar of Lebanon Acoustic Electric Guitar with Case


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On Hold. Found in many ancient temples of different faiths in the middle east and referenced in the Bible, Cedar of Lebanon is a special tonewood. Though highly protected in the Middle East, the trees have been used in Australia for wind breaks and as ornamental trees. The limited supply used to make this small batch of instruments is from Scrub Hill Church near Daylesford in Victoria, Australia.

We have been fans of Cole Clark guitars since we opened our store over three years ago. They are a unique voice and style among an ocean of very similar guitars in the market today. The unique features of these instruments is a spanish heel as opposed to a bolt on or dovetail neck joint, the wood choices they make (you often seen unique woods like bunya, blackwood, redwood and pine) as well as their groundbreaking pickup system. With the combination of piezo, internal microphone and body sensors on the top and the freedom to blend all systems from the control panel players will experience and plugged in sound like never before.

We have compared these guitars to a variety of other pickup systems and these absolutely blow other guitars out of the water in terms of their amplified sound.

This model is the Angel body size which is their orchestra model.