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Mid 60's Fender 2x12 Showman Cabinet


We have a vintage Fender 2x12 speaker cabinet that was originally paired with a Fender Showman Amplifier. The size of the cabinet is deceiving as this is a VERY large 2x12 cab. It is a slotted bottom port. 

A few things are non original: it has had the grille cloth replaced, the Fender badge is missing from the grille clothe and the speakers have been replaced. One of the handles is missing. 

It comes loaded with a Pyle Speaker and an Eminence Speaker that both appear to be from the 80's. 

The photos should give you a good idea of the cosmetic condition. No tears in the tolex but it has been around. If you have any questions you can always call us at the shop or stop by to hear how it sounds. Local pickup only.