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Lutarius SL-5 5-String Electric Bass Guitar


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This is one of the reasons why owning/working in a music store is so much fun, getting to meet and work with small local builders in our area who are passionate and willing to go off the beaten path. 

This is a 5-string solid body electric bass guitar that is made in Lyme CT by Lutarius, a one man show. We have sold a handful of his bass' in the past and were ecstatic to get some more in the shop. The last one we sold went to Bill Blough from George Thorogood's Destoryers.

This model features a birds eye maple fretboard, ash body, oil finish, seymour duncan bassline pickup and pre-amp, hipshot hardware, 1.75 inch nut and a 34 inch scale length. 

These basses have so much going on for their price range and nothing beats working with a small shop where you have the opportunity to get to know and speak with the builder.