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Huss & Dalton 00-SP Standard Engelmann Spruce Indian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar


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This is the newest addition to our Huss & Dalton lineup. We are one of the newest dealers for this fabulous builder and are so proud to be with them. 

This model is a wonderful little 12-fret 00 body size. The SP signifies some of the unique features of the instrument such as the slotted peghead and diamond bridge plate, which differentiates this model from earlier 00 incarnations. It has a 1 3/4 nut width on an ebony board which is great for finger style explorations and strumming alike. The board is minimally appointed with delicate inlay work. 24.9 inch scale length that use of lighter gauge strings. 

Often these little guitar have the "flaw" of a little too much mid-range focus, which these instrument sidesteps and gives you the beautiful tone of a small guitar while being well balanced throughout the frequency range.  Like many small instruments it is very light and delicate. As you strum you will feel the entire instrument reverberate, giving you a strong connection to it. 

We found that this instrument allows you to play simple single note melodies that sound amazing on their own, ringing clear and beautifully like a horn. As you begin to add harmonies behind the melody it is very articulate. Like each string is its own instrument in a small orchestra.