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SOLD 2006 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Red All Orig. OHSC Relic Electric Guitar


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Here we have one of the more interesting and unique signature model stratocasters made by fender in the past couple of years. While the strat market has been inundated with every permutation of pickups/necks/woods/colors etc. this guitar offered what a lot of the new Fender and Fender style guitars did and do not, a lightweight body. Many people often marvel at how lightweight vintage Fenders are compared to modern production and if you catch the early versions of these EJ strats they had a cap on the weight. This one clocks in right below 7 pounds. 

Aside from that this is basically a 50's style Fender strat with a maple board, single ply white pickguard, 5-way switch and 3 pickups. All of the components of this guitar are original, we set it up with 10 guage strings and it is intonated well with low action and no buzz. The condition of the instrument is def. player grade as the photos show. There is oxidation on a lot of the metal components, the finish has a variety of marks in it.  The frets show a little bit of age but are not at the point where I would advise a level crown and dress.  

All and all this is great player guitar and one of the nicer american strats of the past few years. As time went on the weight cap was increased and you saw them get heavier to control costs but these early ones are wonderful instruments. It has the original Fender G&G hardshell case.