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SOLD. 1991 Rickenbacker 660-TP 12-String Electric Guitar Tom Petty #533 of 1000 OHSC

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Sold. Great Guitar.

Here we have the fantastic Limited Edition Tom Petty 660-TP 12-string Rickenbacker guitar. This was a small run of 1000 instruments in the early 90's, this particular one is #533 with serial number L43970. The guitar features a birdseye maple body and neck and a hand rubbed finish. Two toaster pickups, the usual Rickenbacker 5 knob set up, Ric'o'sound stereo inputs, certificate of authenticity and its original Ric hardshell case. The guitar is in fantastic shape for its age. We polished it up and the finish and body are excellent, no blemishes of note, a little pickwear on the guard. There are a few tiny divets in the body, but nothing that is visible from afar or that breaks through the finish. The only flaw in the instrument is that one string ferrule is missing around the tuner, see photos. I am tracking down a Ric replacement that should hopefully be here soon but want to be clear that once replaced this will be the only non-original part on the instrument.

All the electronics pass the muster and are quiet and function as intended.