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1988 Gibson L4-CES Archtop Headstock Repair


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Here is a classic from Gibson, the L4-CES model in a natural finish from 1988. Is '88 considered vintage... who knows.

The Guitar is in played condition, there are some marks on the body and the photos display the overall cosmetic condition. The guitar is all original, including the Gibson case but there have been some MAJOR repairs on this instrument.

There was a headstock break that has been professionally repaired. I am not going to lie, this is not cleanest headstock repair that I have seen in my guitar sellin' days but it is stable and playable. We have had the guitar in shop for a while before putting it up for sale just to keep an eye on it and the repair is stable.

The electronics are all clean and functioning. The frets are original and show very little signs of wear.