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SOLD Vintage 1967 Rickenbacker 330 12-String Jet-Glo Electric Guitar


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This is a fantastic player grade Rickenbacker guitar from the golden era of the 60's. The 330 is the most iconic of the Rickenbacker lineup and premiered in 1958, although it was initially known at the "capri" series. The instrument incorporates many features standard on Ric guitars such as a three-ply maple walnut neck, rosewood fingerboard with clear varnish and a shallow headstock angle. It has the crescent moon cutaway.

When we took the guitar in we spent a little time hydrating it as it was a little dry and slowly brought it back to pitch and set it up. It is now hydrated and setup for play with Rickenbacker strings.

The photos should outline the overall condition of the instrument. I am not 100% sure but believe the instrument was refinished at some point in its life. Whoever did it did a fantastic job as there are just a few clues such as a little bit or red exposed under the truss rod cover and a touch of over spray on some of the binding and in the f-hole cavity. It was common for these instruments to come refinished new from the factory during this era of Rickenbacker. Often times if they had a fire-glo and needed or jet-glo or they saw an imperfection in the wood on a transparent finish they would spray over to jet-glo at the factory. I cannot say for sure when or even if it was refinished but am selling it as such.

Condition wise it is in player grade shape, with general wear over the guitar. Some of the finish on the fingerboard is chipping, the back of the guitar has some marks on it, around the headstock some of the finish is worn from a guitar stand. In terms or originality it is pretty good, original internals, pickups, frets, case, tuners etc. We replaced some of the rubber grommets under the pickups as they were aging and the guitar is missing the cover for the bridge.

The case is original but has seen better days. The latches all function but have lost their spring when you go to open them up. Some of the binding on the tolex is coming loose. Inside some of the plush is lifting on the guitar end.

Overall this is a fantastic opportunity for a player grade classic rick guitar. All of the tone and important pieces are intact and you can play this one out without fear of destroying an investment. If you have any questions or need additional photos feel free to ask.